Saturday’s ‘Splanation – Where I’ve Been all Week

So, I could wait and write this big long update tomorrow on Sunday, when it would fall oh-so-in line with those lovely Sunday Salons. But tomorrow I don’t have an entire day of class where I’ll be doing little else but sitting and listening (well, mostly listening, anyway), so you’ll be getting the big post today instead!

<– That’s me with my BEAUTIFUL parents this past Sunday at KU’s official commencement ceremony. Yes, yes, I graduated in December, and there was a nice little walk across the stage, but this was the big one. The big kahuna, the walk through the Campanile and down the hill to Memorial Stadium…to those of you who didn’t attend KU, that may not make much sense, but its a big deal. The big deal – the tradition and all that. So I put that attractive polyester robe back on again and, hand in hand with Beardman, walked down the hill and sat in the sun and heat through a bunch of mediocre commencement speeches…BUT I DID IT. After five years of talking/joking about it (the rumor goes that if you walk straight through the archway in the Campanile, you’ll never graduate. It may be suspicious, but I sure as hell never did) it’s come and gone and it feels, well, not that different. But it was still a lovely day! That kicked off this past week where, as Beardman requested and was given the entire week off work, I did nothing but sit around, watch Mad Men, slack on my recent exercising goals, and soaked up the time I had with him after not seeing him almost at all during his finals. It was fantastic!

Part of the other reason this past week was so wonderful was because, with his finals done and with both of us officially and traditionally graduated, we were able to get back to our shared guilty pleasure. Emphasis:: GUILTY pleasure. And I’ve mentioned this before on the blog, but I’ll say it again with nerdy pride: Beardman and I LOVE

Yeah. That’s right. I’d also add to that list Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: TNG, and, of course, any of the first three Star Wars movies. To be honest, I didn’t ever play before Beardman came along. I wanted to. But I was broke and wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to actually jump off the “deep end” so to speak, so I never did. But he’s loved it for ages and, after playing for the past year or so, I can now say that I do too!

For those of you who don’t know – World of Warcraft is this huge online, live, multi-player role-playing game. Kind of like a computerized, global Dungeons and Dragons, with different rules and less cheese. You pick a “race” of people (orcs, anyone? humans? elves? WoW has them all) and then a “class” (here’s where you see shamans, priests, druids, and hunters) and then, well, you’re unleashed on the world and you run around and complete “quests”, level your character to the maximum level, and then spend the rest of your time fighting other players, running through pre-planned events, and buying and selling everything from clothing to honor. It’s great. And what’s quite possibly the best about it is that there is always someone better than you, always someone worse, and always something new to do if you get tired of doing whatever you’re doing. Beardman likes it because a bulk of the end-game content involves fighting other players and a bunch of dick-wagging to see whose armor is better and whose dad could beat up another dad. It’s great. I love it because there’s a great story behind the video game, and I love having goals to work towards. Even if they’re arbitrary ones. Even if there isn’t a reward. I’m task oriented, and in one way, that’s what this game is – a series of tasks.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this week that you haven’t seen me on the blog! I’ve been sleeping and playing and Mad Men-ing and I can’t believe that Beardman’s “stay-cation” week is over and as of Monday it’s back to the nine to five. For him. I’m still jobless, so I’ll still be around. Playing, reading, and finally finishing up my thoughts on The Illustrated Man, which will all be up in the next week or so! Happy reading!


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