Sunday Dithers

Here I sit, another Sunday of early fall slipping away in to twilight, the glow behind the curtains growing fainter and fainter as the charcoal smell in the air gets stronger and stronger – our neighbors are grilling out tonight. It’s the perfect button-ending to a weekend of merry making and laughter and getting to be with my family and some of my best friends! Today has been a day of catching up on homework, getting ahead in my leisure reading, and drinking cup after cup of coffee and apple cider made courtesy of the AMAZING new Keurig coffee maker we were gifted for our upcoming wedding (thanks Julie, if you’re reading!). School is finally getting well under way, with the first few couple of bigger assignments quickly nearing their due date, and with the colder mornings and the early evenings, I can’t help but feel like I always feel this time of year, surrounded by school and homework and warm drinks.

Reading this week has taken a DEFINITE Gothic turn (in case you couldn’t tell based on the above passage, lol!) and I’ve been hanging out primarily with my main man James and his turning screws! I’m only to the third “chapter”, if you can call them that in a little novella like this, and our Governess has just picked up darling Miles from the school from which he’s been expelled. So far I’m loving what’s been going on, although I have to say my favorite part is most definitely the way that James has set up his whole story, with Douglas  telling the story that he was told by the governess – I can never seem to get enough of the frame tale, going all the way back to when I first got introduced to the Canterbury Tales and Arabian Nights! I’m a little unsure of how to feel about these supposed ‘angelic’ children, though, when clearly there is something totally not right about these kids and what happens to the women who take care of them. I just want to yell the whole time THIS SHIT IS REALLY HAPPENING TO YOU, DON’T LIVE IN THIS HOUSE WITH THESE KIDS, THEY WILL EAT YOU! I don’t know if that’s really what will happen, but it’s like watching a scary movie when they all decide to split up and go look for the source of the creepy, remarkably axe-like sound coming from below them. *facepalm* Of course, that’s also what builds all the tension and keeps me reading to see what will happen, but whatever. I love it.

I’m also giving Fragile Things, a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman, another go. I first read it for last years RIP Challenge, but only got through about half the stories before it was due back at the library. I’ve got the ebook version this go-round, so I’m refreshing myself on the ones I read last year (my favorite of which is STILL “October in the Chair”, dedicated to Ray Bradbury, one of my all time favorite authors) before getting to the new ones, which I’m hoping to be able to take my time with! I’m excited to wrap up one of these so that I can get to Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury later this week, which is the next one lined up on my pile. We’re only about three weeks out from the wedding and honeymoon (EEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!) and I’ve got to begin the difficult process of deciding whether or not I’m going to take my Kindle, and, if not, what books are going to be making the trip with me – wish me luck, and happy reading!


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