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Hi! My name is Chelsea, and I’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me at any one of the following various locations:

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You can always email me at ccatilinbrown [at] gmail [dot] com!


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If you like what you read here, and are wondering what I blogged about before I decided to start this wonderful journey through the classics can find still occasionally find me at Book Maven’s Blog!

Blogging Semi-Manifesto

Let me begin by saying that everything that makes it in to this blog is completely, entirely, and 100% the product of my own crazy, silly, often random thought process. Anything that is not will be appropriately and fully given the credit they deserve. Any images that don’t belong to me will, to the best of my ability, link directly back to the site from which they originated. At the moment, there is quite a bit of debate raging in the blogging world as to whether what we book bloggers do is considered ‘reviewing’, ‘reflecting’, or about a dozen other words that I consider to be silly delineations to begin with (you can read other bloggers’ much more articulated thoughts on the subject here and here). And while I’ve had thoughts percolating on the subject since I started following the discussion this time around, I’m not sure this is entirely the place for that discussion. Perhaps a blog post idea in the near future! For now, let me leave it at this: I consider what I do here to be a careful and close reading of classic texts, looking to find the meaning as applies to me and me alone. However, it is also my goal to foster the discussion of literature, especially classic literature, while encouraging those who maybe don’t consider ‘classics’ as one of their go-to genres to think about maybe picking one up next time they’ve got a vacancy in the ‘currently reading’ spot. Basically, this is my journey to help myself grow, expose myself to thoughts that others have learned from for years, and to benefit somehow from the rather disconcerting experience of suddenly being unemployed. I’d love for others to join me on that journey, and so I’m writing about it for the world to read!

Review Policy

I want to start by saying that, because this journey is more a giant project with hoped-for outcomes, rather than a more general blogging experience, I’m not accepting ARC copies or requests for reviews from publishers. I am also not currently accepting self-published works. The few exceptions to this rule are the following:

  • Books concerned with biographic/historical contexts for an author or work seen on my master list
  • Any scholarly or newly released editions of the classics, especially those that include secondary source readings or annotations
  • Non-fiction books that concern the time periods, history, culture, etc. of any of the books, authors, or general time periods featured on my list
  • Literary analysis or theoretical interpretations for one of the books or authors featured on my list

That’s really about it, folks. While I really appreciate and in normal circumstances would be more than happy to read whatever ARC is thrown my way, I’m really trying to keep myself focused and on track through this journey, really immersing myself in the works and words of the authors. If you are feel as though your book fits one of the categories listed above, please feel free to get in touch with me via any of the mediums listed above, although I would greatly prefer, and would respond the quickest through, email. If I agree to review your work, I will do my absolute best to review it along whatever timeline you’d prefer, although of course there are never any guarantees. Of course, I will also do my best to keep all feeling in mind when writing reviews, but I am committed to giving my honest opinion on this blog, so I can’t guarantee a positive review. I can, however, guarantee honesty, critical reading, and an attempt to point out both the positive and the negative. That’s my hope, goal, and measuring stick for every book reviewed on this blog!


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